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SEPR Refractories India
Saint – Gobain SEFPRO(Sintered and Electro Fused Products), is pioneer in manufacturing of Fused Cast and Sintered Refractories for Glass furnaces and are currently the largest producer of refractories exclusively for various types of glass melting furnaces. SEPR Refractories India, is a 100% subsidiary of SAINT-GOBAIN SEFPRO, came into being from April 2002, Within the SEFPRO’s manufacturing network SEPR – India is a UNIQUE location where both Fused and Sintered Refractories are manufactured in the same campus in Palakkad, Kerala. This helps the group to have a strategic advantage to counter competition by providing package solutions to the Worldwide glass industry.

A Fused Cast Refractory is a high density material obtained by melting a mixture of the purest oxides and casting them into molds to create the required shapes. Fused Cast Refractory blocks are preferred by the glass industry mainly because they offer good glass corrosion resistance at high temperature with no glass defects.

A Sintered Refractory is medium and high density material obtained by a mixture of the pure oxides and vibro-cast (or) press them into the molds to create the required shapes. These products are dried and fired at high temperature to get the required properties. The product ranges produced in SEPR India include mainly white products like High Alumina, Zircon, Zircon Mullite, Andalusite based products.

SEPR India manufactures products adhering to international standards and has references worldwide with well-known glass makers and designers. Beyond being the market leader in the Indian market, about 70% of their produce are currently being exported to markets including Europe, Russia, South East Asia, Middle east, Africa and Americas. The existing manufacturing capacity of Fusion Cast Refractories is ~ 10,000T / Year and for sintered refractories is ~3,500T / year.

SEPR India’s new green field project ( 8000 T) is nearing completion stage at Perundurai – SEZ location (Near Erode), Tamil Nadu. This plant will manufacture both Fused cast Alumina and Fusedscast AZS ( Alumina Zirconia Silica ) refractories,.

The Company’s manufacturing facility is located at Palakkad in Kerala. The plant is installed in a total land area of 22 acres The company has completed the major Expansion plan in Jun’09. With this the company has an annual production capacity of 10000 MT of Fused Cast Refractories. The company achieved a cumulative aggregate growth rate of 30% in Annual Sales, while the production capacities increased by 3 times since the year of inception, i.e. 2002.

Continuous Quality Improvement and close customer interaction have enabled us to consolidate our position in the Glass industry. We strictly adhere to quality control measures in every stage of production process. We are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The company has highly talented, committed professionals & skilled labour force for putting in best practices of manufacturing and to be close customers to meet their needs,

SEPR India Limited
P B No 1, Kanjikode (West) PO,
Palakkad 678 623,
Kerala, India.

Tel: (91 491) 3080333
Fax: (91 491) 3080354

Email. : mktg.seprindia@saint-gobain.com
Visit us at: http://www.sefpro.saint-gobain.com
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