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Does the thought of being part of one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world excite you?

How would you like to work alongside a talented bunch of can-do, spirited individuals, who work hard and play hard as a team?

How would you like to work for a Company where the means are much more important than the ends, where everyone truly cares for the environment, where “green” is not just a fashionable colour and term, but is at the core of our strategy?

How would you like to work for a company where everyone is focused on our customers?

How would you like to work for a company where people are given the space and the freedom to work independently and encouraged to take initiatives?

If your answer to any of these is YES, then you have come to the right place!

Commitment to material-based solutions for wellbeing and sustainability

Our strategic intent is to create great living spaces (where we live, work, learn, play etc) and to improve daily life. This means making the spaces where we live, work, learn and play more comfortable, efficient and healthy. We do this by combining comfort (the individual needs of safety, security, performance, accessibility, adaptability and aesthetics) and sustainability (by addressing tomorrow’s challenges (of global warming and climate change, of water and energy conservation, of biodiversity protection, of affordable housing, of waste disposal etc.) to enhance the wellbeing of people everywhere – now and in the future.

When it comes to the wellbeing of our people, health and safety are of paramount importance and our track record is outstanding. Equally important is your growth. A quick look at the leadership teams will tell you that ‘growth from within” is not just a policy slogan, it is the reality. And what are the prerequisites: a great work environment, where people are given space and freedom and encouragement to learn, to take initiatives, to innovate, to take ownership and to lead by example.

People matter, and we show it every day

And what do we expect from our people? That you will always put the customer first, that you will act as an entrepreneur, be agile and innovative, that you will always abide by our Principles and the Code of Conduct and that you will contribute to sustaining an organizational culture marked by openness, transparency, trust and respect, a high level of employee engagement, camaraderie and energy.

Here’s just some of what you can expect once you decide to join the Group

Move places, move mountains! - Its up to you

Mobility Matters at Saint-Gobain. As an organization, we encourage our   people to seek new opportunities and challenges through internal   movements. The opportunities may be across functions, businesses or geographies. And we have our ways to do it – through Annual Performance   Reviews, Individual Job Chats, Career Succession plans or the Internal Career Opportunities System (ICOS). There are loads of career opportunities   for you…if you have the calling to take up different challenges every once in a while. 

Unity in Diversity

As an organization, we are committed to promote diversity of all kinds – be   it gender, nationality, ethnicity and background, sexual orientation or physical ability. We take pride in fostering an inclusive work environment and value the uniqueness and contribution of our people from diverse backgrounds. There is no room for bias there!

Wellbeing at Work

When you are spending most of your waking hours with us and putting in as many efforts, it is equally our responsibility to make sure you get the very best. What does that mean? While you bring the passion to perform and the potential to take things head on, we make sure that you are armed with the best of opportunities and a fab work culture.

At Saint-Gobain, you are a part of one big family. A family that will push you, coach you, train you and give you genuine feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. So right from our onboarding programs, policies, learning initiatives and engagement connects we try to a make a world of difference and create an engaging work place just for you.

Never Stop Learning!

At Saint-Gobain, we expect you to invest invest in developing your skills and know-how and we invest in you. The Group’s learning initiatives and exposures are designed to enhance your employability and success. Be it on-the-job training, formalized classroom-based sessions, self-based e Learning or interaction with specialists, the Group’s learning initiatives and exposures are designed to enhance your skills and competencies, your performance, your employability and to contribute to your success.

Campus to Corporate

The Group believes that the main source of tomorrow’s leaders is campuses. Our idea of infusing fresh blood in the system is by connecting with campuses. We focus on bringing in talent from campuses and provide learning opportunities through assignments, roles, training, e-learning, cross functional projects. That way, we make sure; we grow our people from within. Several senior leaders who hold responsible organizational roles today have joined us directly from campuses and have grown with the organization. It’s one of the many ways that we build our leadership pipeline.

Values that unite us

Together, at Saint-Gobain, we form a united community of entrepreneurs bound together by our values that guide us in everything we do. “The Principles of Conduct and Action” and the “Code of Conduct for Employees in India” embody the strong commitment and Group’s belief in demonstrating business growth and innovation through ethical conduct and sustainable development.
This implies a work environment that is characterized by openness and transparency, respect for each other and autonomy and encourages and nurtures:
• Professional development
• Entrepreneurial talent
• Taking initiatives
• Innovation


Come and be a part of the larger picture. Be a part of the Saint-Gobain Group in India.

To wrap it up, if you decide to join us, we want you to stick around, grow with us and lead the way to an exciting future. We want you to be a part of our big family.

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