ADFORS is the world leader in geotextiles or glass fiber technical fabrics for applications in construction and industrial markets. It offers solutions based on a complete range of textile and coating technologies using fiberglass yarns, synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Its products include glass fibre mesh for exterior wall insulation, wall coverings, joint tapes, glass mats for thermal insulation, insect screens, road reinforcement grids. The geotex business has a manufacturing facility in Bangalore and produces range of reinforcement products for roads,  runways, coal mines and quarries for the domestic and APAC market.



In India, ADFORS manufactures Polyester mesh for use in coal mining operations. The product is coated with a specialized fire retardant coating for safety in enclosed locations like coal mines. The use of the polyester mesh occurs at the end stage of coal recovery in an operation called salvage. The fabric is installed on the roof of the coal mines so that the various mining equipment can be extracted safely. Since the environment is extremely flammable, the ADFORS Mining Mesh is coated with a specialized fire retardant to deter progression of fire.

In addition to the above, ADFORS India imports and supplies the following products:

  •  Insect Screens
    The mainstay product is the woven fiberglass insect screens manufactured at our state of the art plant in Mexico. These are available in 4  different colors and different roll width starting from 3ft to 8ft. In addition to the standard fiberglass mesh, specialty screens such as Stiff Screen, Vision Perfect, Pet Resistant, Sun Guard, Extra Strength and Small Insect screens are also available. ADFORS has also launched aluminum metal screens in India which is available in a wide variety of configuration. ADFORS also offers an online selector tool for customers that helps them to choose the screen best suited for them based on their specific needs.
    Standard Fiberglass screens are flexible, economical, and easy to install. They don’t crease, dent or unravel and are the most commonly used for screening applications. Various specialty screens made of fiberglass provide benefits such as clarity, visibility, tear and damage resistance from pets, extra strength, high durability, protection from tiny insects, gnats & finer particles, blocking of sun’s rays and doorway alert mechanism to prevent accidental walk through and damage. Aluminum screens are strong and durable that resists rust and does not sag. A protective finish on the mesh prevents corrosion and strengthens the weave.




  • Novelio® Wall Coverings

The product is an exclusive range of glass fibre wallcoverings which are manufactured by Saint-Gobain ADFORS in Czech Republic. The wall covering is essentially a fabric woven from glass yarns in an array of attractive textured patterns. After preparing the wall surface, the wall covering is installed with a glue and can be painted with any water based paint, with a color of choice, suiting the theme and décor of the living space.

Novelio comes in five different variants – Classic, Decoration, Two-Tone, Nature and Opposites and over 100 different patterns and boasts of an elegant textured finish to the walls in addition to properties which help tackle wall cracks, wall dampness or high wear, tear and impact. It offers the perfect solution to dress walls in aesthetic, classy and subtle textures while reinforcing and keeping them strong. Coupled to wall reinforcement, the product provides other functionalities such as vapor permeability, fire resistance, impact resistance, zero toxicity, re-paintable attribute, high durability etc. These functional benefits result in huge savings for our customers, in terms of maintenance cost and renovation time. In addition to these products, specialty products like Mold-X, Acoustiver or Clean Air are also available. This range provides anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties, acoustic insulation and VOC absorption property to the walls respectively.

  • GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement Grids
    Geotex business under ADFORS deals in pavement reinforcement products which have been used in highways/runways construction or maintenance works over the last 30 years in more than 64 countries. GlasGrid is the prominent product in the Geotex range which is being successfully used in India since last 15 years in projects like PPP Airports, Civil Airports, Defence Airfields, National Highways/Elevated projects and other important stretches under state bodies like PWD, state road departments etc. Our road reinforcement products are used as “Bitumen Reinforcement Interlayer” which prevents reflective cracking and enhances the fatigue performance, thus increasing the service life of the pavement. GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement Grids retard reflective cracking by a factor of 2 to 3 times by turning crack stresses horizontally to dissipate the stress. Glasgrid systems extend pavement life by up to 300% and works by reinforcing bituminous concrete overlays in pavement construction. The fiberglass grid is “sandwiched” between the old and new surface courses of bitumen and helps retard cracking from reflection through a new bitumen overlay to the surface. Saint-Gobain ADFORS GlasGrid might be the most tested interlayer product in the market. Since its introduction in early 80’s, the product has been tested and applied by numerous facilities worldwide.



Websites: http://www.adfors.com/


Manufacturing Plant: Bangalore

Site certified under OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001