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Crystals Business


For more than 80 years, Saint-Gobain Crystals has been devoted to a single, defining mission: to engineer diverse, high-quality materials that transform technologies and empower a better world. The business addresses applications in the field of nuclear medicine, industrial gauging, physics research, oil well drilling, nuclear installation safety, public security (baggage and freight scanners), and defense. With support of its parent company and continuously evolving technology, Saint-Gobain Crystals is committed to deliver high quality solutions, which match the exact specifications and application requirements of its customers.



Photonic Products

  1. Garnets and LED Substrates
  2. X Ray Monochromators
  3. Sapphire Engineered Transparent Armour Solutions

Radiation Detection

  1. X-ray and Gamma ray Detectors and Assemblies
  2. α, β and η Detectors and Assemblies
  3. Dual Gamma Neutron Detection
  4. Scintillation Detectors integrated with SiPM
  5. Plastic and Liquid Scintillation products
  6. Scintillator Arrays and Assemblies with Photodiodes
  7. Sensor Kit MCA and Other Electronics for Radiation Detection



  1. Atomic and Nuclear Physics Application
  2. Process Gauging and Monitoring
  3. Defense and Aerospace Applications
  4. Medical Imaging
  5. Nuclear Safety and Safeguards
  6. Scrap Steel Monitoring
  7. Health Physics
  8. Oil Exploration and Drilling
  9. Radiation Detection, X ray Imaging and Baggage Scanning in Security Applications
  10. Radiation Portal Monitors
  11. Environmental Monitoring
  12. Semiconductor Manufacture
  13. Microwave RF
  14. Excimer Laser
  15. Optical Isolator Wafers
  16. X-Ray Elemental Analysis


Website: www.crystals.saint-gobain.com/

Manufacturing Plant: Bangalore (Karnataka)

Site certified under ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001