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My Home Solutions


My Home is a service by Saint-Gobain to support & build a comfortable living space with end-to-end home solutions like windows, kitchen & wardrobe shutters, shower enclosures, LED mirrors, roofing shingles, designer ceilings etc. A one-stop-shop for all home solutions, My Home ensures customers of a seamless and hassle-free experience.

My Home is set out to solve a fundamental challenge – finding a trusted partner to support you during your dream home building journey while ensuring a seamless and hassle-free end-to-end experience. We offer a range of custom made solutions to compliment your homes and living style.

Be it a designer ceiling that you crave for your living room or a functional glass shower cubicle for your bathroom which truly separates the wet and dry area. Or, smooth sliding glass wardrobe shutters for an aesthetically appealing storage in your bedroom to classy glass kitchen shutters exhibiting hygiene. From smart roofing solutions to energy efficient windows and innovative wall coverings for your favourite wall to the must-have glass writing board for your study. And not to forget the illuminating Led Mirrors with true reflection. My Home offers you all of these and more, with a total peace of mind.

 In short, all that you get with My Home is pure Wellbeing, Designed and Delivered.

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  1. Wardrobe Shutters
  2. Kitchen Shutters
  3. Shower Cubicles
  4. Glass Writing Boards
  5. Mirrors
  6. Window Solutions
  7. Illuminated Mirrors
  8. Gypsum Plaster
  9. Ceilings
  10. Bathroom Solutions
  11. Roofing Solutions
  12. Wall Coverings
My Homw


  1. Project Management Consultation - to help with choosing from a wide range of curated products, budgeting, and to deliver our offerings through best solutions experts
  2. From Masonry to Décor - My Home services are available at multiple stages of home construction
  3. Smart roofing solutions
  4. Energy efficient windows
  5. Innovative wall coverings
  6. Led Mirrors

My Home offers you all of these and more, with a total peace of mind.


Website: https://myhome-saint-gobain.com/