• Gyproc Business

Gyproc Business


The Gyproc business is a part of the global gypsum activity and manufactures an extensive range of gypsum plasterboards, gypsum plasters, acoustic ceiling tiles for false ceilings, dry wall partitions, and wall lining systems. The business is a pioneer & market leader in lightweight interior construction space in the Indian market and its products & systems are the preferred choice of architects & designers, developers, contractors, and home owners.



  1. Gypsum Boards
  2. Metal Frames & Accessories
  3. Jointing & Finishing Products
  4. Gypsum Plasters
  5. Ceiling Tiles



  1. Drywalls
  2. Ceilings
  3. Gypsum Plastering
  4. Exterior Walls

Website: https://www.gyproc.in/

Manufacturing Plants: Wada (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), and Jhagadia (Gujarat)