• Saint-Gobain India Foundation (SGIF)

Saint-Gobain India Foundation

In India, the Group has set up the Saint-Gobain India Foundation (SGIF) whose primary aim is to enable life and livelihood through education of underprivileged children with a focus on educating the girl child. 

SGIF is funded out of the profits of the Group’s businesses in India. SGIF partners with NGOs having a proven track record.The foundation has collaborated with around 16 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) to benefit 9,526 girl children every year. These pan – India projects have benefitted 309 differently abled girl students, 29 girls students who are in their early adulthood, 4709 adolescent girls and 4479 girl children. 

Many of the sites in India extend the Group’s EHS policy to the homes of its employees and the local communities through awareness programmes or training. Also, some of the larger sites (in particular, the Glass sites) are actively involved in a number of local community development projects and closely work with the Government to enhance awareness and improve health and hygiene standards. The expertise gained in Saint-Gobain is also shared through the Industry Forums in the area of skills, sustainability and employability. Further, as Thought Leader, Saint-Gobain is also active in creating awareness and setting standards for energy efficiency buildings and testing laboratories. The Glass Business also demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by attaining “LEED Certification – Gold” for one of their offices.

Saint Gobain India Private Limited initiatives are implemented in areas surrounding Flat Glass in Sriperumbudur, Bhiwadi and Jhagadia under various pillars including Education & Employability, Health & Hygiene, Infrastructure, Water Conservation and Disaster Relief pillars. All these projects are in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Global Compact which has adopted principles and methodologies for the holistic development of nations. Each project of Saint Gobain is unique and benefits deserving individuals across age groups thereby contributing to the societal development of the nation.

All these initiatives have benefits amongst all age group right form Child, Adolescents, Youth, Adult, and Old age across locations.  On the whole 31,964 individuals are benefitted every year.