• Future of Automotive Industry

Future of Automotive Industry

As part of the Saint-Gobain Group, the Sekurit business provides high added-value products and services in three markets:
• Automotive Glass originally installed by Automakers (OEM)
• Automotive Glass Replacement (Aftermarket)
• Glass for Transport Vehicles (Buses, Lorries, Aeronautics)

The business offers a wide range of solutions in organic and mineral glazing as well as modular solutions that are environmental friendly, ensure safety, security, comfort and design to make the car a unique and styling object.

The Performance Plastics business manufactures and markets high-performance plastic bearings, seals and foams for the automobile and land transportation market. These components are in particular used in doors, steering and braking systems, seats and even vehicle engines. NORGLIDE® Bearings & RENCOL® Tolerance Rings offer convenient and cost-effective solutions for an impressively wide range of automotive applications.

The Abrasives business provides solutions for cutting, grinding and polishing critical components for all transportation means, whether land, water or air; both at assembly and during maintenance & repair.

Silicon Carbide porous blocks are made using Silicon Carbide to filter diesel particles from exhaust of Diesel Engines.