• Future of Commercial Spaces

Future of Commercial Spaces

The Glass business’ commercial glazing solutions are manufactured to provide energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for modern buildings. The range of solutions for commercial glazing provides solar control, thermal insulation, and better acoustics. It also provides project support through its certified network of fabricators and design support to architects for their upcoming projects. The Glass business offers glass suited for façades and structural glazing applications in hospitals, schools, offices, and a host of other domains, to meet diverse requirements. It extends project support with certified processors and design support for energy modeling, daylight analysis for glazing etc. Apart from this, it also provides a range of advanced glass solutions that bring the future of technology to façades. These exclusive solutions offer technological superiority with aesthetic beauty. The advanced solar control glass solutions from Saint-Gobain include a smart glass that dynamically tints in response to the sun, enhancing occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors and a privacy-at-will glass that transits from translucent to transparent with a flick of the switch.

The Gyproc business includes gypsum plasterboard systems for false ceilings and drywall partition applications, acoustical ceiling tiles (gypsum, mineral fiber, metal & glass wool) and gypsum plastering solutions, plus a complementary range of metal framings and jointing & finishing products. It offers performance based False Ceiling, Drywalls, and gypsum plastering solutions for all habitat spaces like homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, retail spaces, cinemas, industrial warehouses, schools, airports, metro stations, and stadiums.

As a part of the industrial mortar activity, the Weber business provides innovative solutions in areas related to wall rendering, flooring solutions, tile & stone fixing solutions, technical mortars, and insulation systems. In India, the business provides products and solutions for tile/stone fixing & care, tile & stone joint fillers (grouts), masonry mortar, waterproofing solutions, flooring solutions, sealers, impregnators, and application tools. Weber has manufacturing units located at 20 strategic locations across India.

The range of ADFORS technical fabrics include glass fiber wall coverings, glass-grids, and insect screens. In addition to the exquisite and elegant look provided by the fabrics, the ADFORS range boasts of additional properties such as controlling crack propagation, impact resistance, fire resistance etc.